ArtOnYourWall.Com has joined the American Society of Interior Designers ( as an Industry Partner. We have also joined our local Metro NY ASID Chapter ( and look forward to working with these great designers on upcoming projects!


Join With Us To Make A Difference
Join us in our fund raising efforts to benefit the Walter Reed Society. For the next three months 20% of all funds for images purchased by designers will go directly to the project. When our industry partners host an art event 50% of all sales will be donated to the Walter Reed Society. ASID student members are being recruited as volunteers to run the events. ArtOnYourWall.Com is donating a complete set of the images from our Nature Gallery to be used in the redesigned Walter Reed Hospital.

What Is The Walter Reed Society?
In 2004 the Walter Reed Society began providing assistance to wounded soldiers who have been medically evacuated for medical care and treatment at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, DC.

The Walter Reed Society is proud to offer assistance to soldiers who have needs such as child care, overdue mortgage payments, car payments, gas and water bills and a host of other expenses related to their temporary displacement at Walter Reed and the challenges created by their injury. The Society can also assist with living expenses, clothing and other related essentials.

Along with the ArtOnYourWall.Com project, donations can also be made directly to:
Walter Reed Society Family Support Fund
Operation Iraqi Freedom / Operation Enduring Freedom
ATTN: SGM(Ret) Dan Bullis
Vice President, Patient Services
Walter Reed Station
Washington, DC 20012-9611
Phone: (202)-782-8937
Fax: (202)-782-7948